At Loans and BG, we conclude all documentations (if any) within a week and fund in the same week after approval depending on client pace.

Our Interest rates depend on nature of the loan and client's POF but ranges from 2-10%; but preferable Fixed rate. 
Brokers are welcome and are 100% protected (to know more on your benefits as a broker, contact us.).

We lend to all credit grades A-D on Terms up to 20 years amortisation with a possibility of no point depending on the loan package; all considerations at Best Available LTVs. We lend in compliance to all applicable laws. If you have questions on our recourse and non-recourse loan packages, shoot us an email.
...and don't worry, application is free for all loans.

We provide timely funding for:
Residential loans
Commercial loans
Business loans
Personal loans
Hard Money loans
Bank Guarantee 
We also provide  A-rated bank instruments (SBLCs/BGs) to investors. Our funds are purely earned from private and corporate investment portfolios without criminal origin. We can finance your signatory projects such as Real Estate Development, Aviation Service, Agriculture Finance, Petroleum Importation, Telecommunication, construction of Dams or Bridges and all kind of projects.
Here you may:
  •  Enrol in our Complete Managed BG Program (we Issue a BG & Fund it for you)
  • Solely Monetize an Existing A Rated Bank BG/SBLC you already have.(Note: If you select this option your passport and this CIS has to be notarized.)
  •  Place an Asset of Cash in a Trade Program (Note: If you select this option your passport and this CIS has to be notarized.)

The uses of this bank instrument are limitless and our "procedure" is unbeatable in the industry.

If you need Loan, project financing, Bank Guarantees, SBLC, DLC or Letters of Credit, kindly contact us immediately for more detailed information.